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Free BrewDog Beer

BrewDog are giving away 1 million Punk IPA beers before the 6th of May 2018 Simply fill in your details and they'll email you a golden ticket. Visit your ...

Win one of 3,000 Flights with Wuntu (Three)

Up to 3,000 UK and European flights up for grabs! The prize draw runs from Wednesday 4th April through to Thursday 3rd May, so as soon as the Easter bank ...

Play Tennis for Free – Great British Tennis Weekend 2018

Try tennis for free this summer at a Great British Tennis Weekend event! Thousands of free events will be taking place throughout the summer and all across the ...

Beyond Perfecting Foundation + Concealer Sample

From Clinique UK: a foundation-and-concealer in one for a natural, beyond perfected look that lasts all day. Receive your 10-day sample. Free.  Simply ...

Free Dev Haskell Box Set 1-7 – Amazon Kindle

The Dev Haskell Box Set 1-7 featuring the first seven novels in the award winning Dev Haskell series by best selling author Mike Faricy. 7 Great Books...FREE ...

Free PayPal Returns – Up to £15 per Return

Return shipping on PayPal! Activate this service from your PayPal account and PayPal will refund up to £15 of return shipping costs per return, for up to 12 ...

Free Ben & Jerry’s Cone Day – April 10th 2018

Free Cone Day is being celebrated around the world and Ben & Jerry's will be giving away free ice cream at a host of locations between 12pm and 8pm. ...

Win a Luxury Cut, Blow and Treatment at Rush Dalston, London

Get pampered with a luxury cut, blow dry and Kerastase Ritual treatment at the newly opened Rush Dalston salon in London. Competition is run by Seen in the ...

Win 2 GANT Shirts worth £200

Seen in the City are giving away 2 GANT shirts with a combined value of £200 to one lucky winner. To enter the competition, simply answer the question at their ...

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  1. Tickets seem to have been snapped up very quickly! O2 now says:
    “Due to high demand we will be staggering the ability to register across the next few days. Please check back tomorrow”.
    So keep checking till the closing date on 24 April.

  2. The answer is:
    4. Topside

    Thank you Alex for providing the answer.

  3. *Update*

    The charge for printing tickets is in the process of being removed for all Wuntu customers!
    If you have already booked you can call TicketFactory customer service and explain that you are on Wuntu/Three’s free ticket deal they can give you a refund for your print-at-home charge. Phone number is: 0844 581 1390!

  4. The competition is not open (inactive) as of today. It should open in the next few days, so keep checking back 🙂

  5. From the Newsletter:

    We’re giving one lucky reader the chance to take home The Bridge Trilogy boxset on Blu-ray, to go back to the glorious beginning!

    All you need to do to win is answer the following question correctly:

    Henrik’s new Danish partner in The Bridge IV is played by actor Mikael Birkkjær – but which Scandi crime season did he previously star in?

    Modus II
    Follow the Money II
    The Killing II

    Simply send us an email stating: “The Bridge Trilogy Blu-ray”, your name, email address, and the correct answer to: before 2pm on Thursday 17th May 2018!

  6. Has anyone got the answer for the crossword puzzle?

  7. Answer is: 3. Service

    Thank you Athmane

  8. Answer is: C – Hen

  9. If you still need a code, just use this one:


    Good luck all!

  10. Answer to the question is:


    Good luck!

  11. Answer to question is: Cauliflower

    Good luck everyone 🙂

  12. Answer to the question: In a Castle

    Best of luck everyone 🙂

  13. Answer to question:Chopped Walnuts

    Good luck all 🙂

  14. Answer is: X Factor

    Good luck!

  15. Answers (respectively)


    Formula 1 tyres

    They have pictures of pin-up girls on the dial

    Good luck all! Good to know last month’s winner was from the UK 🙂

  16. Answers to the quiz (respectively):


    Good luck 🙂

  17. Answer to this week’s crossword competition is:

    3. Ricotta

    Good luck all! 🙂

  18. Answer to the question is: Fort William

    Good luck!

  19. Answer to this week’s Waitrose crossword competition is:


    Good luck 🙂

  20. Answer is: True

    Good luck!

  21. Answer to question: ZeusTM

    Good luck! 🙂

  22. Answer to this Week’s crossword puzzle is:

    2. Cockles

    Good luck! 🙂

  23. Answer is:

    3. Endives

    Good luck!

  24. Code from Summer Newsletter: BUBBLES

    Good luck!

  25. Answer is: 4

    Good luck 🙂

  26. Answer is: 2. Feeding

    Good luck 🙂

  27. Answer: Jamie Oliver

    Good luck all 🙂

  28. Answer is: C – HoloLens

    Good luck 🙂

  29. Answer is: 3. Gourmet

    Good luck 🙂

  30. Just entered the draw, it’s free and you don’t need to use any nectar points. You just need the unique code from the back page of the Daily Mail.

    Fingers crossed 😉

  31. Answer is: 4. Peppers

    Good luck all 🙂

  32. Answers (respectively):


    The 4 horizontally aligned counters

    The Scafograf 300

    Good luck 🙂

  33. Very addictive game. After only getting PDE’s, now I’ve got: calculator


    Happy hummingbird searching

  34. Today’s Clue: Vegas Life (anagram)

    Answer: figleaves

  35. Just collected one more entry into the mega £1,500 prize draw @ Worldstores 🙂

  36. Tuesday’s Clue: ESPA Skincare

    Won 20p with this one. Every little helps 😉

  37. Xbox Controller @ Expedia

    Prize Draw Entry @ PO Ferries

  38. Wednesday Daily Clue:


    Got a mouse as a treat 🙂

  39. Stylus found @ MORE TH>N Insurance

  40. stylus @

    one more to win a cool £20, fingers crossed 😉

  41. This week’s answer is:

    3. Portion

    Good luck 🙂

  42. Answer: Chocolate Hills, Bohol, Philippines

  43. Last few hours to go and it’s getting harder to get a hummingbird.

    Found PDE @

  44. Still looking for a solitary Apple but to no avail 🙁

    PDE at

  45. Answer from drop-down menu: 47

    Good luck 🙂

  46. Answer is: 1- Grater

    Good luck 🙂

  47. Answer to this week’s Waitrose crossword competition is:

    4. Shaker

    Good luck 🙂

  48. Answers respectively:

    1. Sport
    2. The Atlantic crossing by Charles Lindbergh
    3. Steffi Graf

    Fingers crossed 😉

  49. Prize word is:

    1. Embers

    Good luck!

  50. Answer is: 3. Madras

    Good luck! 🙂

  51. Another hedgehog at:

    2 more to go for a tenner 😉

  52. Answer is: 3. Lemons

    Good luck 😉

  53. Answer is: Rome

    Good luck 🙂

  54. I am yet to get anything other than PDEs now! Very frustrating

    One more PDE here:

  55. Friday’s clue merchant:

    Gives yet another PDE 🙁

  56. Answer from drop-down menu: 2010

    Good luck 😉

  57. Answer is: 4. Teacup

    Good luck 🙂

  58. Answer to this week’s Waitrose crossword competition:

    2. Crusts

    Good luck 😉

  59. Answer from the drop-down menu is: 14

  60. Retailers for 3 November:


  61. Retailers for 4 November:


  62. Retailers for 5 November:

    Won a massive… drum roll… 10 p 😉

  63. Answers (respectively):

    1. Parsifal
    2. A mechanical self-winding movement
    3. Abbey Road

    Good luck 🙂

  64. Retailers for 6 November:

    Not On The High Street
    Amex BA Credit Card

    Another 10p in the kitty today 😉

  65. Retailers for 7 November:


    2 PDEs 🙁

  66. Answer from drop-down menu: Parisian Style

    Good luck 🙂

  67. Retailers for 8 November:


    2 PDEs again 🙁

  68. Retailers for 9 November:


    2 PDEs

  69. Retailers for 10 November:


    2 PDEs 🙁

  70. Retailers for 11 Nov.


    2 PDEs

  71. Retailers for 12 November:


    10p + PDE 😉

  72. Retailers for 13 Nov.


    2 PDEs

  73. Answer from drop-down menu: #InYourElement

    Good luck!

  74. Retailers for 14 Nov.


  75. Retailers for 15 Nov.


    2 PDEs 🙁

  76. Retailers for 16 Nov.


    10p + PDE

  77. Answer is: 3. Gulped

    Good luck 🙂

  78. Retailers for 17 Nov.


    2 PDEs 🙁

  79. Answer – Mannequin

    Just entered. Good luck all!

  80. Retailers for 18 Nov.


    2 PDEs 🙁

  81. Retailers for 19 Nov.


    2 PDEs 🙁

  82. Retailers for 20 Nov.


    Not a bad day, considering I finally won 10p besides the PDE 😉

  83. Retailers for 21 Nov. ( last day, entries close at 17:00)


    Prize Board: £0.50 35 PDEs

    Good luck with the super draw 🙂

  84. Question for 22 November: How many Suppliers does ASOS have?

    Answer: 168

    Good luck! 🙂

  85. Answer:

    3. Potato

    Good luck 🙂

  86. Question for 23 Nov. ” Across how many factories do the ASOS suppliers work?”

    Answer: 713

  87. Answer is: 2. Fondue

    Good luck! 🙂

  88. Answers (respectively):

    1. Enea Bastianini and Lorenzo Dalla Porta
    2. Felt
    3. Nautilo

    Good luck 🙂

  89. Answer is:

    4. Wasabi

    Good luck 🙂

  90. Answer: Bruce Springsteen

    Good luck all 🙂

  91. Answer is: Skylink

    Good luck all 🙂

  92. Answer is: 27 mm

    Good luck one and all 🙂

  93. Answer is: Frank Sinatra

    Good luck 😉

  94. Answer is: A racing driver .

    Good luck 🙂

  95. Answer is: Saute

    Good luck everybody 🙂

  96. Answer is: Fiji

    Good luck 🙂

  97. Answer: Saturday.

    Good luck 😉

  98. Answer is: Vienne

    Good luck everybody 🙂

  99. Answer is: Opera.

    Good luck 😉

  100. Anyone’s got an answer to this month’s crossword puzzle?


  101. You don’t need to buy a pack, use the code from their FB page – it’s: NutritiousBerriesFB

    found here:

  102. Answer is: BT Sport. Answer found at the BT website:

    Just entered, fingers crossed 😉

  103. Answer is: 3

    Good luck everybody 🙂

  104. Which bird features on a Fabergé ladies model?

    Answer: a peacock

    Good luck one and all 😉

  105. Please keep an eye on RCIB and AutoAid FB/Twitter accounts and post updates on how to enter this competition here in the comment section.

    Many thanks.

  106. Please scroll down to the middle of the page to locate the competition and the entry form.

    Good luck! 🙂

  107. Answer is: 2. Crema

    Good luck 🙂

  108. Answer is: Blue Moon

    Good luck 😉

  109. There is no direct link to the competition. Please click the “SIGN UP TO OUR NEWSLETTER TO WIN A YACHT PARTY IN CYPRUS FOR YOUR HEN OR STAG DO! ENTER NOW” link at the top of the page to access the competition pop-up.

    Good luck 🙂

  110. Answe is: Ricardo Rodriguez

    Good luck 🙂

  111. Venues in London & Kent, South East and West Midlands. Please see list of venues here:

  112. Cannot find a closing date for this competition. Cornwall MotoFest starts August 30, so guessed 29 August is the last day of the competition.

  113. Answer is: 1. Assam

    Good luck 😉

  114. Answer is: 1950

    Good luck everybody 🙂

  115. Sunday’s clue:

    Gets me a Science Flask, 2 more to win £20!

  116. Monday Daily Clue:

    Got me another PDE 🙁

  117. Paint Pallets here:

    Need one more for a fiver 😉

  118. Tuesday daily clue:

    Gives, predictably, another PDE 🙁

  119. Wednesday’s Daily Clue:

    Gets me a Calculator 😉

  120. Finally, no PDE! 1x Buses at:

    2 more for £100, fingers crossed 🙂

  121. PDE here:

    Hardly any hummingbirds today, must’ve gone through a hundred or so retailers 🙁

  122. Sunday Daily Clue:

    No cigar for guessing it’s a PDE 😉

  123. This is taken from the British Airways Club newsletter, but the competition itself is not asking for a BA Club number so I’m assuming the competition is not exclusive to BA Executive Club Members.

  124. 1 x Buses:
    Need one more to bag a £100, fingers crossed 🙂

  125. PDE at:

    I am yet to win anything. On the bright side, I am just 1 away from all prizes so fingers crossed 😉

  126. Answer is: 4. Steak

    Good luck 🙂

  127. Answer is: 2011 (from their website and logo)

    Good luck 🙂

  128. All I’m getting are PDEs but I just can’t stop playing, I’m only 1 away from winning a prize 🙂


  129. PDE:

    At this stage, I think the game algorithm (is that the word?) has everyone just one away from a prize to keep them playing. I’ll probably win zilch 🙁

  130. Surprise, suprise another PDE!

    Sunday Daily Clue:

  131. The competition is now closed! Thank you all for sharing daily clues and links 🙂

  132. Answer is: 2. Shell

    Good luck 🙂

  133. Answer is: 3- Grain

    Good luck everyone 🙂

  134. Answer is: 1. Bread

    Good luck everybody 🙂

  135. Answers:

    1. Mikaela Shiffrin
    2. Longines DolceVita
    3. 29.50mm and 34 mm

    Good luck 🙂

  136. Answer is:

    1. Loire

    Good luck one and all 😉

  137. Says a reward for “Brexiteers” but nothing in the T&C’s says Remainers need not apply. 😉

  138. Answer: 1036

    Good luck 🙂

  139. Answer is: 1. Linen

    Good luck everybody 🙂

  140. Answer is: 25% more than classic

    Good luck everybody 🙂

  141. Click on “Enter Competition”, this will take you to the competition page where you can fill in the competition entry form.

    Here is a direct link: Bon Marche Competition

UK Competition and Freebies