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How is the weather where you are? And how did it get that way? How does the great complex global interaction of ice, ocean, and atmosphere combine to generate the rain that sustains us? And who figured all its secret processes out?

In Waters of the World, Sarah Dry explains all. This is the history from the mid-nineteenth century onward of our developing understanding of how the weather grows, lives, and dies. It tells the story of the several remarkable individuals who worked on their corner of the weather puzzle and then, together, cumulatively, gave us a joined-up working theory of the life-cycle of our planet’s climate.

We now call that study climate science, and in recent years it has become the terrain of great passions, anxieties, and warnings. No less than the object of its study, climate science is and always has been evolving, and it is crucial to understand its origins, the work of its pioneering and often outspoken innovators, and how wild theories turned into scientific orthodoxies. Here are the stories of water in our world that those pioneers told, having made amazing real and imaginative voyages in order to bring back for us a whole wet new truth.

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