Win a McLaren Technology Centre tour, Woking

Win an exclusive tour of the McLaren Technology Centre.

The Technology Centre provides a headquarters for the group and is designed to reflect the company’s design and engineering expertise. It includes design studios, laboratories and testing and production facilities for Formula One and high-performance sports cars. Viewed on plan, the building is roughly semi-circular the circle being completed by a lake, which forms an integral part of the building’s cooling system. Shaded by a cantilevered roof, the lakeside facade is a continuous curved glass wall, developed in part using McLaren’s own technological expertise. Internally, the building’s circulation is organised around double-height linear ‘streets’ which articulate ‘fingers’ of flexible floor space; these house production and parts storage areas on the lower levels, with top-lit design studios, offices and meeting rooms above. Directly behind the facade is a broad ‘boulevard’ which leads to areas for hospitality and to the staff restaurant, both of which look out across the lake. Other social facilities include a swimming pool and a fitness centre.

The prize includes lunch and a gift but not travel to the centre.

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