Win the entire Malin & Goetz fragrance range

The Perfume Society are bringing you the opportunity to win the entire MALIN+GOETZ fragrance collection!

See below for a rundown of the six sublime scents you could win…

  • leather eau de parfum – a modern scent that combines leather and floral notes in a nod to the centuries old practice of scenting artisanal leather goods with custom perfumes
  • dark rum eau de parfum – a refreshing reinvention of a traditionally dark and spicy aroma inspired by the old-world bay rum first used by sailors and later popularised in barber shops
  • cannabis eau de parfum – a scent that balances rich and earthy aromas, bringing to mind lazy afternoons and the lingering smokiness that clings to clothes – minus the side effects
  • vetiver eau de parfum – a refined expression of an apothecary ingredient with a long and storied history in perfumery, created to highlight its intrinsically clean and earthy aroma
  • bergamot eau de parfum – a bright fragrance that expresses the full complexity of a citrus orchard in bloom, thoughtfully evolved from the botanical extract used in our body products
  • stem eau de parfum – a scent that captures our idea of a deconstructed garden, highlighting the crispness of freshly cut stems, the aroma of crushed leaves and of rich soil

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