Win Norman Wisdom’s “There Was A Crooked Man” on Blu-Ray

Win a copy of “There Was A Crooked Man” on Blu-Ray, courtesy of Network Distributing

For over fifty years this exceptionally rare feature film from comedy legend Norman Wisdom had barely been seen. Following its first home-entertainment release on DVD last year, There Was a Crooked Man is now coming to Blu-ray and Amazon Video following a new HD transfer.

Hailed as one of Wisdom’s finest films, he plays a naïve explosives expert who finds himself involved with a criminal gang after uncovering nefarious dealings by a prominent industrialist!

One of two features he made independently, this marked a departure from his more familiar and endlessly popular comic creation, ‘the Gump’. Co-starring Alfred Marks and Susannah York, There Was a Crooked Man was directed by BAFTA-nominated Stuart Burge from blacklisted screenwriter Reuben Ship.


Ends 25/04/2018

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