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We have eight full size (75 ml) Moringa Renewal Treatment Masks by Emma Hardie to give away, each worth £49

Picture the scene: a glamorous cocktail party at The Connaught Hotel in London to celebrate the launch of the wonderful Emma Hardie’s new face mask. And a bouquet of beauty editors almost drooling with delight as they slather face, neck and hands (that last would be Sarah…) with this lusciously rich creamy mask. Actually, come to think of it we’re just going to stroke some on to do its work while we write this.

So – where were we? Well, we have known and loved Emma since she first started giving face-transforming treatments back in the mid-nineties. Then, in 2009, came the first products in her Amazing Face Skincare, all based on targeted plant ingredients, principally moringa oil – ‘the most amazing plant on the planet, nicknamed the miracle tree’, Emma says.

Beauty Bible testers were ecstatic about Moringa Cleansing Balm, voting it top cleanser in our best-selling The Anti-Ageing Beauty Bible, with an awesome average score across ten testers of 9.61/10.  ‘An amazing multi-tasker,’ said one tester; ‘my skin is much smoother and this has a moisturizing and brightening effect that reduces the appearance of ageing,’ said another.

We also loved Age Support Treatment CreamMidas Touch Face Serum Duo and, lately, the very, very clever Lift and Sculpt, Firming Neck Treatment, with its genius inbuilt roller applicator system.

And now – roll of drums, fanfare of trumpets – this new Moringa Renewal Treatment Mask, which, we swear, we can feel our skin lapping up with a satisfied ‘aaaaaah….’.  It’s perfect any time but we feel it’s particularly good around now as we come out of winter with skin that definitely needs cherishing and nourishing. It promises to improve skin moisture, radiance and firmness and help smooth out deep wrinkles. Oh, and reduce the look of pigmentation – those brown blobs that seem to spread as the years pass.  It certainly ticks all our boxes and is now a staple for us.

Plus, like all Emma Hardie products, the Moringa Renewal Treatment Mask smells divine and feels gorgeous to use, which we think is essential in skincare.  No use having the most effective product in the world if you really don’t enjoy using it – because then it just stays on the bathroom shelf…

We are delighted that to be able to share the joy with you!  Eight Beauty Bible winners will receive a full size (75 ml) Moringa Renewal Treatment Mask by Emma Hardie, worth £49. Simply fill in the form for a chance of winning.

Competition ends 23/05/2018

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