Win This Works My Wrinkles range

This Works is offering three complete sets of newly launched My Wrinkles skincare, plus a Deep Sleep Pillow Spray, each set worth £206.50

Each of the three Beauty Bible winners will receive the following complete sets of fragrant, luxurious-to-apply My Wrinkles products plus Deep Sleep Pillow Spray (always by our bedsides):

  • my wrinkles extreme moisture, for day (normally £50 for 48ml) – for immediately smoother, softer, more hydrated skin and a great base for make-up
  • my wrinkles eye repair, for day (£40 for 20ml) – shields the delicate skin round your eyes against environmental aggressors
  • my wrinkles midnight moisture, for evening (£52 for 48ml) – help your skin repair overnight so it looks firmer and smoother
  • my wrinkles tired eyes, for evening (£45 for 20ml) – to maximise skin repair around your eyes overnight
  • deep sleep pillow spray (£19.50 for 75ml) – drift off to slumberland more quickly and stay asleep longer with this fragrant potion.

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