Win two chef knives and fish bone tweezers

In celebration of Seafood Week, Great British Chefs have partnered up with Seafood from Norway to give you the chance to win two chef knives and fish bone tweezers worth £275.

Buying fish whole is one way to ensure you’re buying the freshest produce you can, using characteristics such as eye brightness and lack of smell as indicators. This might be a slightly daunting prospect to some though, as you’ll be faced with the task of filleting! Although this may require a little skill, as long as you are equipped with a good guide and the right kit it really isn’t too complicated – and as they say, practise will make the perfect fillet! This prize will provide you with the essential tools you’ll need to start off – a 7″ filleting knife, 8” Santoku knife (used for slicing, dicing and mincing) and a pair of fish tweezers, to ensure no pesky bones end up in your final dish.

With this prize you’ll soon become a filleting-wizard, and the trickiest part of the process will simply be deciding how to serve your perfectly prepared fish!

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