WIN a ‘Money Can’t Buy’ Photography Prize

WHETHER you are a budding photographer or just someone with an interest in Photography, you could WIN and EXCLUSIVE ‘money can’t buy’ prize right here on Tamworth Informed!

World-renowned photographer, Dafna Yosha opens her first solo European exhibition entitled ‘Israel Street’ at Tamworth Library from Saturday 21 until Saturday 5 May.

The exhibition promises to display the documentary photographers most personal work which is both sensitive thought-provoking.

The prize will be a photo walk on April 21 from 11am to 2pm.  The winners will be able to have a really close look at how Dafna works and how she approaches a subject. Harry Aaldering, an award-winning Dutch photojournalist and Harald Hagedorn who has taught photography in Germany and Italy for 14 years and has been curating exhibitions for 5 years will tell the winners how they might adopt it for their own photography and give you some practical advice.

You will also get an invitation to the invitation-only opening of the exhibition at 6 pm.

In addition, you will have a meeting with Dafna, Harry and Harald on Sunday 22 from 12 to 2 pm where Dafna, Harry and Harald will examine the photographs you have taken on Saturday. Each photograph will be assessed and constructively criticised by them. They will not criticise in a “how we would do it” way, but take a look at the individual approach and give you some advice how you could improve in your own way of seeing.  For this, you will need to bring along a USB stick with the photographs you have taken on Saturday.

The winners do not need to have a ‘proper’ camera, any Smartphone will do!  The meeting point for the photo walk and the meeting on Sunday will be the Peel Hotel, Aldergate, Tamworth.

To enter, simply email your name and age to with ‘Photo walk competition’ as the subject.  Winner will be picked on Friday 20 April at 6 pm.

Entrance closes at 1800hrs on Friday 20th April 2018.

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