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If you wanna switch up your workout routine with a new class that’ll have you sweating as well as actually enjoying yourself, POPfit is the one. Created by Royal Ballet-trained dancer Stephanie Burrows, POPfit combines pilates, plyometrics, yoga and dance into routines set to loud pop music, so you get the best bits of each of these disciplines, without the need for any equipment, and you get to have a laugh too.

There are three POPfit classes on offer at their London Fields studio; Popfit Signature (cardio, strength and stretching), POPfit Core (low impact body conditioning) and POPfit PlyoJam (high-energy dance cardio). Word on the street is that Kate Hudson and Melanie C are fans, and if it’s good enough for actual Sporty Spice then it’s good enough for us.

If you wanna try any of the three POPfit classes for FREE, just drop your email and they’ll ping you back the special LOTI booking code. Simple.

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